About Emlyn Mousley

As an enthusiastic collector, Emlyn Mousley enjoys antiques and artwork during his hours of relaxation. Emlyn Mousley also delights in scuba diving in his free time. In addition to antiques and artwork, Emlyn Mousley owns a large collection of more than 400 antique cut throat razors valued at more than £20,000. Emlyn Mousley also currently owns more than 600 domain names with a estimated value of £200,000, to which he is developing profit and non profit business, charities and foundations.

Outside of work and hobbies, Emlyn Mousley participates and gives his free time in community projects that offer services and resources to senior citizens who have contributed to our society over the last 60 years, as they have a vast amount of knowledge and experience to learn from, and can teach our young members of society how to behave and conduct themselves today. He also makes contributions to Our Forgotten Heroes, an organization that provides support to military veterans and their families. Additionally, he provides assistance to other associations designed to help individuals who work tirelessly in human service occupations, including nurses, doctors, hospital staff, police officers, rescue services, and firefighters.

In addition to community service, Emlyn Mousley also donates to several charities that use more than 80 percent of their funding to help the general public. There are many deserving charities out there, but three favorite organizations that Emlyn Mousley contributes his time and resources to are Doctors Without Borders (www.doctorswithoutborders.org), Self Help Africa (www.selfhelpafrica.org), and Smiley Faces Foundation (www.smileyfacesny.com). Because he also takes an avid interest in the oceans and seas, working to set up several non profit businesses and foundations, Emlyn Mousley supports and works closely with the Cousteau Society (www.cousteau.org), an organization that facilitates the analysis and protection of the maritime environment.


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